New waterproof jacket: Keiu

Bring on the rain!

The Japanese have no less than 50 words to describe the rain. Our KEIU rain jacket was named after the joyous, first rain that falls after a long period of drought.

With our new KEIU jacket you’ll welcome the rain with a smile on your face. The jacket is fully waterproof and breathable. This will make the jacket more comfortable to wear without getting too hot while working. Its slim fit is modern and stylish.

The fluorescent orange colour makes sure that you’re visible in daylight, as well as at night. The details of the jacket will make you feel even more comfortable: ventilation zippers, a hood that is stored in the collar, deep pockets and an extended back to avoid that the rain runs into the back of your trousers.

So, just like the Japanese, we welcome the rain, because we have excellent protection against it.

Download the KEIU datasheet!

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