Head to toe

At SIP Protection we are committed to dress chainsaw operators from head to toe.

This includes footwear, hand-, arm- and head protection.


Footwear is a complicated and delicate matter. Everybody has different feet and meeting the demand for everybody is very complicated.

However, by listing the essential features for each type of work, we were able to develop the corresponding boots:

  • Chainsaw boots need to be extremely comfortable, a whole day at work mustn’t come with sore feet and blisters
  • The footwear must be very hard wearing; forestry environment comes with rocks, branches, …
  • Each type of work has its own unique requirements and demands specific requirements.

Over the last few years, we worked hard in completing this range, and this resulted in some very nice looking premium boots like the Grizzly and the Red Panther or the excellent value for money Timber boots.

Gloves and sleeves

Appropriate gloves are an indispensable piece of equipment when working outdoors.

Blisters, tears, cuts,… they can be very disturbing whilst handling dangerous machines like a chainsaw or can even put you out of work. In our updated gloves product range we now added new styles with an increased protection and comfort. They are distinguishable through their red and black design. They offer an increased protection through a better comfort and an increased dexterity.

Head protection

The brain is one of the most important organs in our body and yet it is very vulnerable, with the skull being the only part of the body protecting it. Even a minor impact can have serious consequences.

The ears are amongst the few parts that do not heal. Once it’s lost, it’s gone forever. The best way to protect this part of your body, is by wearing proper head protection.