Part of Sioen

SIP Protection is part of Sioen Industries, a group specialised in technical textiles. We can rely on our group expert knowledge to develop high quality products that provide the protection you need.

Vertical integration

The Sioen group is vertically integrated, meaning that we manage our complete industrial chain: from yarn to fabric and chemicals. The advantages of our vertical integration are:

  • We can keep an eye on the sustainable production of our yarns, fabrics, pigments, etc.
  • All stages of the process benefit from the knowledge we have acquired in the other stages.
  • We don’t depend as much on external suppliers, which enables us to avoid supply disruption.
  • Sioen has a large purchasing power, thanks to being a large, international group.
    In addition, we benefit from the group efforts in marketing, IT, customer relations management, Corporate Social Responsibility, and more particularly in sustainability.

Sioen Apparel

One of Sioen’s main activities is developing and producing personal protective equipment (PPE). Sioen Apparel is a multi-specialist division of the Sioen group. The different brands are intertwined, meaning that f.ex. firefighters might not only be interested in Sioen firefighter clothing products, but also in SIP Protection chainsaw protection or Ursuit drysuits.

Below you can find a list of our other Sioen Apparel brands: