Head-to-toe range

At SIP Protection, we are committed to dress chainsaw operators from head to toe.

Featured products

Grizzly 2.0

Chainsaw boots to EN ISO 20345 S1/P and EN ISO 17249 class 2


Heavy Duty Working gloves EN 388:2016 3 2 4 2


Forestry helmet system to DIN EN 352-3 26db, EN 1731 and EN 397

This includes footwear, and protection for hands, arms and head.


Footwear is a complicated and delicate matter. Everybody has different feet and meeting the requirements for everybody is a challenge. Our current selection of chainsaw protective footwear contains the following styles:

Grizzly 2.0

The Grizzly 2.0 boots are based on our experience in manufacturing chainsaw protective clothing and the know-how of the Italians in boot manufacturing. Developed for groundwork.


The 3SA3 boots were originally designed for arborists that needed flexible chainsaw boots.

New Timber

The new Timber boots 3XA2 offer excellent value for money for punctual use, such as seasonal forestry work.

Chainsaw Gaiters

For occasional use of the chainsaw, these gaiters provide chainsaw protection when securely fixed on top of EN ISO 20345 safety boots.


The 100% guaranteed waterproof Forestproof rubber boots provide class 3 chainsaw protection.

Gloves and sleeves

Appropriate gloves are an indispensable piece of equipment when working outdoors.

Our working gloves 2XA2 'loggers' and 2XD1 ‘heavy duty’, and our 2 chainsaw gloves 2XD2 ‘left hand protection’ and 2DX3 ‘both hands protection’ are now also available with a bright orange on the back of the hand.

The bright colour adds to the safety and visibility, and will also help you find them back faster when dropped on the ground.

Next to that, we have now also a Class 2 24 m/s glove in our range. As you expect from us, matching safety with a high degree of comfort.

Head protection

The brain is one of the most important organs in our body and yet it is very vulnerable, with the skull being the only part of the body protecting it. Even a minor impact can have serious consequences.

The ears are among the few parts that don’t heal. Once it’s lost, it’s gone forever. The best way to protect this part of your body, is by wearing proper head protection.