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SIP Protection - Feedback is essential

Feedback is essential

The feedback we get through social media, our testing team, our SIPporters and our dealers, among others, is vital to launch new products or product variations.

Chainsaw protective safety boots

What makes a shoe your chainsaw protective safety boot? Let’s dive into some properties you’ll be looking for in your next pair of chainsaw boots.

Colours and visibility

Being visible is key to your safety. But which colours are advisable? Let’s look into the EN ISO 20471 and EN 17353 standards.

Sustainability of chainsaw protective clothing

Sustainability of your chainsaw trousers depends on lifespan, comfort, fabric selection, etc.

Which chain speed class do I need?

Your chainsaw protection should be adapted to the maximum chain speed of the chainsaw you’re using, but it's not that straightforward.

Which chainsaw trousers should you choose?

Find out which chainsaw trousers fit you best. Which SIP Protection range do you need and which style fits you well?

Summer is coming - UV protection is key

Protect yourself from harmful UV radiation (UVA and UVB) with the SIP Protection clothes that comply with the EN 13758-2 standard.

Interview with KWF: Chainsaw protection when using an electric chainsaw

In an interview with Lars Nick of the KWF, we discuss the use of electric corded and battery chainsaws, the challenges, protective clothing, etc.

How does the chainsaw material work?

Chain slipping, clogging and chain braking are the different functional principles that can be applied to provide you chainsaw protection.
SIP Protection blog - EN ISO 11393 supersedes EN 381

EN ISO 11393 supersedes EN 381 – What has changed?

The European standard EN 381 for users of handheld chainsaws was replaced by EN ISO 11393.