Summer is coming - UV protection is key

When sunbathing at the beach, we all remember to use sun protection. Why don’t we do the same when we are working outside in sunny weather? By choosing protective garments that comply with EN 13578-2, you can reduce the risk of skin damage by sun exposure.

EN 13758-2 – what is UV protective clothing?

Exposure to the sun can harm your skin. We all know that. But we tend to forget this when we are working with a chainsaw or when climbing a tree. Luckily, there is a simple way to add protection against UV radiation (UVA and UVB): wear clothes that protect you. Or said differently, that comply with the European EN 13758-2 standard.

The UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of all clothes that comply with that standard is at least 40. Think about the UPF on your sun cream? Do you usually prefer UPF 50 products? Don’t worry! All of our SIP Protection products that comply with the EN 13758-2 standard are UPF 50+ certified! It’s all about safety first!

Keep in mind that this type of clothes only protects the parts of the body that are covered. Don’t forget to use a high-factor sun cream on your face and parts of your arms and legs that aren’t covered.

SIP Protection products that comply with EN 13758-2

It is interesting to know that UV protective clothing exists, but how do you find it? Well, in our products overview you can filter on norm context. Select EN 13758 and you’ll find an overview.

Looking for chainsaw trousers or climbing trousers? You might be interested in the Arborist HV or our 1SSH high visibility climbing trousers. As mentioned before, they are both UPF 50+ certified.

As for upper body protection, we have chainsaw jackets, working jackets, and a long-sleeved T-shirt that comply with EN 13758-2:

  • 1SIA chainsaw jacket
  • 1SIS high visibility chainsaw jacket
  • Forest Pro working jacket with enhanced visibility properties
  • 1SKA working jacket
  • 697A T-shirt with long sleeves

Let’s enjoy the sun to the fullest and safely!