Two forms of damage claims are possible:

1. User damage
Abnormal, unintended use, wear or normal aging of the product.
Claims due to user damage will not be accepted by SIP Protection.

2. Production error
Your clothing is made with the greatest care and depends on an influenceable process. In some cases it can happen that a production error occurs. If you notice that a production error would have occurred, we request that you contact your SIP Protection contact person in writing. The product will be taken back after mutual consultation and, depending on the nature of the production error, will be repaired or credited.

Conditions for taking back the product

1. Control by the customer upon arrival of the goods.
We ask you to provide some specific photos:

  • Front ;
  • Backside ;
  • Detail of any production error ;
  • Labels on the inside (front and back of the different labels). If the label is missing - the return will not be accepted. ;
  • Provide size and specific product reference of the product ;
  • Date of the purchase at SIP Protection.

2. Any production errors are taken into account by SIP Protection for up to 6 months after sale

  • Goods are washed and returned clean for inspection.
  • The goods are returned according to ISO GP16 (see p.4).

Right to return

If you made the purchase as a dealer, the following procedure will be applicable (ISO GP 16):

Return of Goods according to ISO GP16

Returns will only be accepted if:

  • It concerns standard products that belong to the current collection ;
  • It concerns products that are in stock (end of stock is not accepted) ;
  • In original, undamaged, packaging ;
  • The invoice date is not older than 6 months ;
  • A new order for the same value is placed.

Products can only be returned after mutual agreement and written confirmation. Permitted returns must be sent to the central warehouse of Sioen in Mouscron (Belgium), at the expense of the customer. Each return must contain an enclosed return ticket with our references. This will be communicated by the company.
A credit note will be drawn up after compliance with the aforementioned matters and after checking the goods. A deduction of 15% of the unit price excluding VAT will be deducted from the credit note (administrative and logistical costs). Returns sent without mutual agreement will not be accepted. By requesting a return shipment, the customer explicitly agrees with the above conditions.