Special applications

Special products that are especially developed for brush cutting protection and for hedge trimming.

Featured products

  We offer specific protection for each and every situation.

Brush cutting

Brush cutting garments offer protection against many risks. They offer impact protection against objects that are thrown by the cutting attachment, and that can hit the operator.

In addition, they can contain a waterproof fabric at the front to work more comfortably with dry legs and in order to significantly improve cleaning efficiency.

We have redesigned all brush cutter styles, using new fabrics and giving them a modern look. Both the Greenkeeper and Greenkeeper Flash trousers have additional mesh ventilation on the back of the leg, increasing the comfort while working.

A completely new jacket has also joined the range; EN ISO 20471 Class 3 hi vis certified, but also with a smart feature; thanks to the zip closure on the right-hand side, the jacket can be worn on top of your harness instead of under the harness, the hi vis feature of your jacket remains completely visible, even when wearing the harness.

Hedge trimming

Hedge trimmers may cause very bad cuts to their operators. The 1STE hedge trimming chaps are your first step towards safer hedge trimming as the fibres inside the chaps resist the first quick impact where regular trousers fail and are immediately punctured or pinched.