Product range overview

SIP Protection clothing is carefully engineered to protect the wearer against hazards caused by working with chainsaws. Every chainsaw user will find the right garment according to his needs in one of our SIP Protection ranges below.

Innovation range

The perfect balance between weight, strength and resistance resulting in the ultimate comfort for the professional user.

Our SIP Protection Innovation chainsaw protection range provides the perfect balance between weight, strength and resistance. Ultimate comfort.

Progress range

A high-quality range of stretchable and highly durable chainsaw protective clothing.

The SIP Protection Progress chainsaw protection range provides high-quality stretchable and highly durable garments.

Flex range

 Stretch chainsaw protective clothing for the price-conscious user.

Our SIP Protection Flex chainsaw protection range provides stretch garments for the price-conscious user.

BasePro range

Basic range of modern regular and hi vis chainsaw protective clothing.

Our SIP Protection BasePro chainsaw protection range is a basic range of modern regular and hi vis garments.

Outdoor range

Be prepared to face the elements when you are handling the chainsaw. Or after hours.

Our SIP Protection Outdoor chainsaw protection range helps you to be prepared for rain and other wet weather conditions.

Head-to-toe range

At SIP Protection, we are committed to dress chainsaw operators from head to toe. 

At SIP Protection, we are committed to providing chainsaw protective footwear, hand, arm and head protection.

Special applications

Special products that are especially developed for brush cutting protection and for hedge trimming.

Our SIP Protection Special applications range includes specific garments for brush cutting and for hedge trimming.


For our SIP Protection fans, we have a range of accessories that complement your garments.

Our SIP Protection accessories are the perfect addition to your chainsaw garments. We have promo T-shirts, braces, belts, bags, moisture absorbers, etc.