Your SIP Protection product is developed for your protection. Compliance with legislation and standards plays an important role in the protection of people and their equipment. All of our SIP Protection products meet the CE stipulations and are CE marked.

The following European standards reflect the different levels of protective requirements. The higher the value for a parameter, the higher the level of protection.

EN ISO 11393

The European standard EN ISO 11393 (supersedes EN 381) complies with protective clothing for chainsaw users.

EN 381

The European standard EN 381 (is superseded by EN ISO 11393), PPE for Users of Handheld Chainsaws.

EN 343

The EN 343 standard for protective clothing provides protection against the effects of precipitation, such as rain and snowflakes, fog and ground humidity.

EN ISO 17249

Chainsaw protective boots that comply with the European standard EN ISO 17249 automatically comply with EN ISO 20345 (safety boots).

EN 388

This standard applies to all types of gloves that provide protection against physical and mechanical hazards due to abrasion, cuts, puncture and tearing. The gloves’ resistance is tested for each of those four mechanical risks.

EN 17353

The European standard EN 17353 specifies the demands for protective clothing/devices with enhanced visibility for medium risk situations.

EN ISO 20471

The European standard EN ISO 20471 (supersedes EN 471) specifies the demands for high visibility clothing.