Legislation, Standards and Certification

We offer the best possible comfort, and we provide a solution for any type of chainsaw use. Our major concern, however, remains safety. Your safety begins with our products.

That’s why all of our chainsaw protection is tested and certified by external Test houses, also called Notified Bodies.


Ever since our establishment in the early 1990s , we have gained experience mainly with CE standards, as we are a European brand. All of our chainsaw garments have been tested according to EN 381, which has been the main European Standard for many years. All of our chainsaw garments are also in certification to the new EN 11393 standard, which is replacing EN 381.
Depending on the type of product, however, we many of our products also meet the requirements of a number of other standards; such as

  • EN ISO 20471 for hi vis clothing
  • EN 388 for protection of the hands against mechanical hazards
  • EN 343 for protection against the rain
  • EN 13758 for protection against UV radiation
  • EN ISO 20345 and EN ISO 17249 for protection of your footwear

All of the above are safety standards. They indicate a level of protection based upon a well-defined testing method. It should be noted, however, that, even if we pay extreme attention to safety, protection and certification, the personal protective clothing against handheld chainsaws cannot guarantee 100% protection, and is no substitute for correct training and safe working methods. Although EN 381 (and EN ISO 11393) indicates a level of protection against a handheld chainsaw, it does not give you feedback on the wearer comfort and quality of your garment.

That is why we have certified an important number of our clothing at KWF for the FPA label. This label is only assigned to garments that have successfully passed extensive field tests by professionals.

For more details, please have a look at the KWF page.

UK after Brexit

Together with our distribution partners, we have selected a range of styles that are currently in the process of certifying to the new UKCA label. We will, of course, follow all required legislation.


EN 381-5 and AS/NZS4453.3 show multiple similarities. An important difference is that the EN 381-5 standard includes 3 classes of chain speed, starting at 20 m/s, whereas AS/NZS4453.3 only has one level of chain speed, being 20 m/s.
We already have some styles, such as the Innovation trousers , that is certified to AS/NZS4453.3. In the future, more will follow.

North America

There are two different Standards, ASTM F1897 for the USA and ASTM F3325 for Canada, and we are looking into our approach for the continent, since we receive many inquiries from North America.