Feedback is essential

We’re proud of how qualitative and reliable our products are. We couldn’t, however, reach this quality level without the feedback we’re receiving from you. The feedback we get through social media, our testing team, our SIPporters and our dealers, among others, is vital to launch new products or product variations.

Where do we get the feedback from?

We receive feedback through different channels and from different people. This could be through feedback on our social media channels, our info address, our dealers and Team Rhino.

Social channels

You won’t see many questions on our socials asking for feedback on certain products. However, we do receive plenty of feedback through our social channels. People tag us in their reels and stories or send us private messages explaining the features they really like and the ones they would like to see changed after wearing it a for a while.

Info email address

Sometimes, the feedback we receive isn’t only about the products, but also about the information that can be found on our website. A while ago, we received a message from an end customer through our info email address, explaining to us that he was really interested in our Atlas 90 bag, but the information on our website wasn’t sufficient to help him out. We looked into it and created a new explanatory video showing the bag’s features, which can now be seen on our website.

SIP Protection dealers

Our sales managers are often on the road, visiting our SIP Protection dealers. While discussing our range, our dealers inform us about the features their customers are looking for, colours that are trending in their region, etc. It’s great to hear from our dealers and the information they gather is extremely valuable.


Further, we often attend forestry or tree care fairs. It happens that we bring new samples that haven’t been launched yet to gather some feedback.

Team Rhino

Finally, our Team Rhino is a great source of feedback. Keep on reading to learn how our Team Rhino is involved in product development.

Give us your feedback

Team Rhino - our testing team

Our Team Rhino testers help us choose which new products we will launch. All our certified products are thoroughly tested in laboratories, but we still get a lot of extra information from the testers, as they use the products over a period of several months, in a real working environment.

For example, when it comes to testing chainsaw boots, we ask for information about

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Traction
  • Sizing
  • Whether they would wear and buy them themselves
  • Under which conditions the boots perform well and when aren’t they.

We really appreciate what they’re doing for us.

Team Rhino - product development meetings

Our SIPporters (the name we use for our SIP Protection ambassadors), and testers can take part in product development meetings, where we discuss new ideas and are open to any type of feedback they have gathered.

Changes thanks to feedback end customer

Here you can find some examples of changes that have been made thanks to your feedback:

  • New colours of certain products were added to our range.
  • After field testing by our testing team, the fitting of one of our chainsaw trousers was adapted.
  • A female fit (the Canopy AIR-GO Donna) was added after feedback at the championships.
  • Thanks to feedback on the trouser pockets, we changed the type of pocket.

Obviously, we can’t change our products because one person has a different opinion on certain features. If we hear the same comment multiple times, we start working on adaptations, and we start testing the new product variation again. If our product development and sales departments agree on the adaptations that were made, you might find the result in our range.

Give us your feedback