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SIP Protection is proud to be more than just a brand of protective clothing. We also consider it our moral responsibility to support projects and people within the industry that we work and live in.

Since the early days, we have been a partner of the SFA, la Société Française d’Arboriculture. We were one of the founding fathers of Arboristes de France, the French team to compete at national and international competitions organised by ISA.

As a brand, we have been supporting and sponsoring many country teams and events in tree climbing and forestry.

As persons, we were involved in the organisation of some of the ETCC (European Climbing Competitions), and many more.

For many years, SIP Protection has also been sponsoring a team of youngsters (Arbor’Amis) that participate in Logging Competitions, and Adrien Bois, our carver from Argentina.
Of course, those events allow us to promote our brand and what we stand for. It, however, also offers us direct contact with the wearer of our garments, the people that use our products daily, and who are the best contact to evolve and improve our garments.

Now we want to bring our commitment to a higher level with the start of Team Rhino, our small but exquisite team of SIP Protection Ambassadors.

You can discover the different ambassadors below. Of course, we will also continue to support and sponsor events and competitions, as well as people involved into education regarding chainsaw use and chainsaw protection. Just like we do with Markus Rieger and his team, or many teachers and trainers in many forestry and tree climbing educational programs around Europe and the world.

Our ambassadors

Peter De Vries

My name is Peter de Vries and I'm a Certified Arborist from Southwestern Ontario Region in Canada. I've been in the green industry for the almost 25 years as a landscaper, landscape designer, horticulturist and arborist.

My most recently Arb endeavour is becoming the North American Promoter for Courant Tree Care, where I've been setting up new dealers throughout Canada and the USA. I am also very excited to be named one of the ambassadors for SIP Protection and to be a part of Team Rhino. I have absolutely love the protective and non-protective clothing that SIP makes for my daily work in the trees, gardens and even around the house.

Thanks again for this amazing opportunity, and I look forward to promoting my favourite brand of arb clothing.

Louis Schoutede

Hello ! I am Louis Schoutede, a young forestry worker from the Belgian Ardennes. Ever since I work in forestry, I use SIP Protection. I think that, in a job like ours, safety should be taken very seriously and with SIP Protection, we can have comfort, durability and beautiful designs.

I love wearing these garments on a daily basis. They are designed to last. Despite heavy use I am still impressed that I can be protected or dry after months or even years of work when some brands would not even last a day given the abuse we put on our clothes. I am proud to be part of such a dynamic, friendly and serious team as SIP Protection and hope to be surprised again!

Damjan Lohinski

I have been a tree climber since 1997, starting as a lumberjack in 1995 before specialising in pruning. I was employed for about fifteen years in a pruning company where I joined as a young Padawan and left as a team leader. I briefly worked as a technical salesman and technical adviser for pruning equipment before becoming a trainer.

Today, I am also responsible for the CS "Arborist-climber" training course in a training centre in the south-west of France (CFPPA/CFA Nérac), which enables me to pass on the experience I have accumulated over the years.

I got to know SIP Protection in 1995 during my "steep slope logging" training. Since then, I have developed a close relationship with the team, because, from the start, they have listened to my comments (positive and negative) on their products. This has allowed me to see the evolution of the trousers, with a small satisfaction of having participated in certain improvements that today make our work more comfortable. It is this desire to be as close as possible to the players and the reality in the field that I like in the SIP Protection spirit, this desire to constantly create in order to offer ever more suitable products. Professionals at the service of professionals.

Gilian Guerenne

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Gilian, I was born in November 1998. I have the Belgian nationality and I live in Wallonia. I studied at the ITH in Gembloux and obtained my diploma as a forestry worker: tree climber. I work in a company located near my home and I practice this profession the year round.

I discovered CBS during my training, and it became a passion. The CBS is a competition that brings together international loggers who compete in 5 events that combine precision and speed. My favourite event is the chain change, and I achieved the best time in Belgium (9.60 sec) at the CBS competition in Meymac. I am lucky to have a job that is close to my passion.

I am also part of the Belgian national team to represent us at the European and World Championships. In our profession, it is essential to wear resistant equipment that keeps us safe and ensures comfort and freedom of movement. I have found all those qualities in the SIP Protection brand, which is why I wear them every day in my profession or occasionally in competition. I am sponsored by SIP Protection since 2018, and I thank them for their trust in me.

If you want to know more about this profession, find me on Instagram @giguerenne

Some of the people and projects that we sponsor:


Chainsaw training is our passion. The whole thing started with the love of the forest and the passion to train people to work with chainsaws. This has brought us to where we are today: being one of the leading chainsaw instructors in Europe.

We train anyone who uses a chainsaw. Our company headquarters are located in Böbingen/Pfalz. We are a family business, run by Julia and Markus Rieger. In addition to the classic chainsaw training (we have all the important certifications in Germany), block construction but above all chainsaw carving can also be found in our service portfolio.

We set the highest performance standards for our training. The same applies to our equipment, which must be functionally absolutely durable and tough. With the company SIP Protection, we have found a partner who not only fulfils this, but exceeds it. The protective clothing is first-class, whether hot or cold, in the countryside or in the mountains, the protective equipment of SIP Protection does what it promises.

We like the direct line we have to the company SIP Protection. We can express ideas and suggestions, they are welcome to be heard. We have never had such a good cut protective clothing.
We are looking forward to many years of cooperation together.

Adrian Bois

My name is Adrian Bois. I'm a chainsaw carver. My job is to transform the wood, I seek to reach as many people as possible through my works. I participate in forest festivals and events around the world connecting people with wood. I have carved on 4 continents, animals, human figures, characters, and all kind of benches and tables.

My activity includes crossing the hemispheres changing seasons summer to winter, cold to hot, I need clothes that are adaptable to those working conditions.
I have to be safe and comfortable while working with chainsaws. SIP Protection gives me that security. SIP Protection has always responded to my needs, the exchange of information is permanent, achieving constant improvement.

Koen Martens

I am Koen Martens and I live in Geel, in the heart of the Kempen region, together with my wife and two daughters. I am both a teacher of technical subjects and a tree caretaker. Combining those two passions provides both a physical and mental challenge. As my company "Koen Martens Boomverzorging" grew, the network of arborists around me became bigger and bigger.

One day, about 10 years ago, a colleague suggested that we take part in a woodcutting competition, because a lot of arborists/foresters and gardeners participated. No sooner said than done. The first competition was over and it had been a good day. If I remember correctly, I won a pair of saw trousers from SIP Protection. Years passed and the number of competitions grew, they became bigger and are located further away. Meanwhile, this hobby grew into a passion on a professional level. We have already taken part in competitions throughout Europe, Canada and America.

This passion for the sport of woodcutting has already brought me to beautiful places and provided me with many opportunities. One of those opportunities is the cooperation with SIP Protection. It is a great honour for me to be the ambassador of a European product that contributes to safety in tree care/forestry. I can proudly talk about my experiences with the SIP Protection products that I use during my work, competitions and trainings. SIP Protection takes care of my safety. A beautiful story with a mutual appreciation of what we can do for each other.


The club Arbor'Amis is an association of sport woodcutting which was created in 2015 by two very close friends (Alexandre Leroy and Julien Aubry) for the purpose of participating in the practice of sport woodcutting in France and in the rest of Europe.

Arbor'Amis is a club of which the main goal is to bring together a group of friends, to be friendly and to help young competitors to start or evolve in woodcutting. In 2015, Arbor'Amis started with 6 members and since then the club has grown from year to year. Now, the association has about fifteen members from the four corners of France and Belgium.

Since its creation, SIP Protection closely follows the evolution of the club, the competitions, the contenders, and the other members. SIP Protection has even created the SIP Protection team within this club, which now has four contenders, including one woman.

Among the members of the club we have contestants with great achievements:

  • Alexandre Leroy
    Gold medallist in the chain change event at the European Student Championship
  • Amelie Aubriot
    French champion in the female category.
    Silver medallist in the women's category in the chain change event at the 2018 World Championships
    Gold medallist in the women's category in the lopping event at the 2018 world championship.
  • Julien Aubry
    Multiple French championship -24 years old category.
    Gold medallist in the -24 category in the felling event at the 2018 world championship.

Right now, Arbor'Amis collaborates with SIP Protection to help the evolution of the club as well as the evolution of young people.