New trousers “Canopy AIR-GO"reveiled at Baumpflegetage 2022

SIP Protection will be present at the Baumpflegetage (which is German for tree care days) in Augsburg (Germany) from 10th to 12th May 2022. At this annual German tree care conference, we will present our new Canopy AIR-GO, specially designed for tree climbers.

SIP Protection @ Baumpflegetage 2022

SIP Protection will be exhibiting at the trade show during the Deutsche Baumpflegetage at the Augsburg Messe from 10th to 12th May 2022. You can find SIP Protection at booth C43.

The new Canopy AIR-GO trousers

Have you ever wondered what would happen if we merged our popular Forest W-AIR and Canopy W-AIR chainsaw trousers? Let us introduce to you the new Canopy AIR-Go trousers.

While the Forest W-AIR was especially developed for foresters, the Canopy W-AIR was designed for arborists. When combining the best of both worlds, and by adding some very exciting new properties, we created the new Canopy AIR-GO, the perfect fit for tree climbers.

The Canopy AIR-Go’s key features are:

  • its large ventilation areas;
    This new design has no less than 5 ventilation areas: on the back of the leg, the crotch, and on the integrated gaiters. You guessed well. AIR-GO does refer to the trousers’ airy properties.

  • its 4-layered protective material and extreme lightness;
    The new protective material the Canopy AIR-GO is made of has 4 layers, is stretchable on itself, and is combined with a stretch outer fabric. It makes it extremely comfortable and above all, it’s the lightest pair of trousers we have ever developed. Find us at Baumpflegetage and discover for yourself!

  • and its colourful options.
    Whether you aim to blend in with nature as well as possible or you want to look amazing for your Instagram pics , we have the right colour to match your preferences.

The Canopy AIR-GO is available in red, orange, khaki, ochre, lime and black. In October we will even launch our special pink edition.

Tundra sweater and Gecko climbing trousers

Obviously, there are plenty of other SIP Protection garments to discover at our booth. We are looking forward to showing off our new Tundra sweater jacket. This fashionable sweater jacket will definitely win your heart. The beautiful and practical jacket will be available in orange, grey, burgundy red and dragonfly blue.

Our final colourful addition is the new colours of our Gecko climbing trousers. It was already available in burgundy red, dragonfly blue and bumblebee yellow. Now, we are adding komodo khaki. As with the Canopy AIR-GO, the Gecko will be available in pink for our October special edition.

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