The new Canopy AIR-GO is now available

The Canopy AIR-GO strives to be the most comfortable, lightweight and ventilated chainsaw trousers that were ever developed. Developed for arborists by arborists.

The Canopy AIR-GO, the most comfortable chainsaw trousers for arborists

The Canopy AIR-GO is dedicated for tree climbing because of its specific features:

5 Large ventilation areas

There are no less than 5 large ventilation areas: on the back of the legs, the crotch, and on the integrated gaiters. Breathability is key to your comfort. Thanks to the continuous air flux, you’ll feel more ventilated than ever before.

Lightweight 4-layered blocking material

We used an innovative lightweight 4-layered blocking material for the Canopy AIR-GO. A medium size of this new pair only weighs 1 150 gr.

Stretch materials

As SIP Protection goes beyond the average, we don’t only use a stretch outer fabric, but also the new blocking material is now stretchable, as well as the lining. The comfortable fit is perfect for tree climbing. In addition, the new lining feels less sticky than other options.

Reinforced mounting of the crotch area

The crotch area has always been the critical point of chainsaw trousers. To sort this out once and for all, we developed a new and different flexible mounting of the crotch area.

Available in 6 colours

Whether you prefer more natural colours, such as khaki or bumblebee yellow, or rather flashy ones such as red, hi vis orange, lime or black and lime, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect variation in our wide offer.

EN 11393 certified chainsaw trousers

The Canopy AIR-GO class 1 type A trousers comply with EN 11393-2, the European standard for leg protection against hand-held chainsaws.

All features combined make this Canopy AIR-GO the perfect match for everyone who is looking for extremely ventilated, comfortable, stretchy and lightweight chainsaw protective trousers.

Are you as excited about the Canopy AIR-GO as we are? Don’t hesitate to try them at your dealer.

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