Climb your way up with the new Gecko trousers

You don’t need a lizard’s sticky feet, if you can wear the Gecko trousers. This comfortable, light and robust pair of trousers is available in three fancy colours that will make your day.


Comfort is everything. The Gecko is light. It’s robust and flexible fabric will keep you comfy all day long. The Teflon® finish insures a water- and soil repellency. This lightweight, quick-drying pair of trousers has a ventilation mesh around the ankles and three pockets. What more do you need?


Obviously, with a gecko you expect bright, attractive colours. The Gecko climbing trousers doesn’t disappoint. It is the first product we market in 3 totally new colours. What’s your favourite? Bumblebee Yellow, Dragonfly Blue or Burgundy Red?

The way up from scratch

The Gecko is a completely new pair of climbing trousers, built from scratch. Its development was a process for and together with the end user. During the development, we conducted an intensive wearer test with several testers around the world. Based on their feedback, we were able to create the trousers to what they are today.

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