Defy the cold with the Tibet

SIP Protection, specialist in chainsaw protection, introduces a softshell for the first time in its clothing collection. A softshell is a windproof, water-repellent and breathable jacket that can heat any user.

USP’s 561A Tibet

  • Ergonomic collar
  • Sleeve narrowing by touch and close fastening
  • Whistle in the bag of the left sleeve

The stretch and comfortable fleece lining keeps you warm. Water absorption is no longer applicable given the water-repellent outer softshell fabric. In addition, we have added an interesting function: whistle when you are in need.

Softshell refers to the fabric from which the jacket / vest is made. It is light, soft, breathable and water-repellent, very tightly woven, so that no water can enter but perspiration outside. An ideal combination in our changeable climate. A softshell can also be worn separately as a sporty jacket.

The SIP Protection softshell 561A Tibet "breathes", which means it can cool your body by letting the heat and sweat out. 561A Tibet is particularly suitable for your work, but also very portable in your spare time. Your body needs cooling and that is why it is important that the protective layer, in this case a coat, can cool the body by letting the heat out.

561A Tibet is always comfortable, is very light and easy to carry. This makes it ideal for anyone who is engaged in nature. It is a multifunctional jacket that cannot be missing in your SIP Protection wardrobe.

Order your softshell with reference 561A from your SIP Protection dealer.

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