Great chainsaw protection with ReFlex trousers

Yippee-ki-yay! We’re launching an exciting pair of chainsaw protective trousers!
Those who know us, know that we’re in the habit of being enthusiastic. Working for a great brand like SIP Protection only makes our enthusiasm bigger. So we can’t help it simply being in love with this new great pair of chainsaw protection trousers called “ReFlex”.

ReFlex – what's in a name

The name of these trousers is a little thinker. First, the trousers are part of our well-known Flex range: stretch chainsaw protective clothing for the price-conscious user. This range is offering different styles that have two things in common: flexible quality materials offering a good comfort at economic prices.

Secondly, ReFlex, as a noun, refers to an involuntary and nearly instantaneous movement. Something you do as a reflex, is done almost automatically, without you even thinking.

Additionally, it means a mirrored image, and a copy exact in essential or peculiar features of something else. That something else is the 1XSP flex trousers of our range. But naming these new chainsaw trousers the Flex 2.0 chainsaw trousers as in, ‘’a new version of the 1XSP Flex trousers’’, would have been a serious understatement.

In plural, reflexes call upon the power of acting or responding with adequate speed. Our 1XRP ReFlex sure will help you with that. You’ll feel free and agile to handle smoothly upon any working condition.

ReFlex 1XRP – what's in it for you?

These new trousers offer you the robustness and comfort you need with many extra’s such as:

  • Ventilation zippers at the back of the legs,
  • Zipped pockets,
  • Metal lace hook
  • Made of a lightweight fabric that is water repellent 2-way stretch composed of 93% polyamide - 7% elastane

The ReFlex chainsaw protective trousers are great all-rounders for both groundwork as treework at a price that will barely buy you a pair of your favorite jeans... They are compliant to EN 381-5 class 1 type A, where there’s front protection of the leg, covering each leg partly (180°) and 5 cm to the interior part of the right leg and 5 cm the exterior part of the left leg. Protection starts at 5 cm from the bottom of the leg and ends at 20 cm above the crotch.

Stingent norms for the best protection

There are different levels of protection. Our team of specialists ensure that our garments meet the highest level of protection, without losing comfort and ease of work. The pictograms which you can find on the inside of your protective clothing, reflect the different levels of protective requirements which have been set in the framework of the European standards. The higher the value for a parameter, the higher the level of protection.

The European standard EN 381 complies with protective clothing for the chainsaw users. This norm is divided into different parts of the body. The extension 5 defines the requirements for leg protection.

This part specifies the demands for leg protection wear and defines three types (or designs) of leg protection wear, according to the kind of protection. Our R&D and product specialists are very skilled in standards and regulations, as we’ve been producing professional protective clothing since the early sixties of previous century.

On our website, you can find all the information you need about the EN381-5 norm. Comprehensively explained with sketching and in understandable wordings.

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