Long sleeves, long life

We’re proud to launch this long-sleeved T-shirt 697A, offering more protection than you could ever imagine.

Temperature and scratches

When a sweater is too hot and a T-shirt too cold, this long-sleeved T-shirt can come in handy. The nature of your activity might not require chainsaw protection but your arms sure could do with some kind of layer, protecting you from scratches and teeny cuts that can be very irritating. Our 697A does the job.

But more importantly, our 697A also protects you against... the sun.

UPF 50+

Sun protective clothing is becoming more and more popular, especially in working conditions that require almost full-time outdoor exposure. We’ve been producing professional protective clothing protecting against all kinds of weather condition and against any hazard in any workplace, including yours.

Over the years, we’ve come to see the importance of adequate sun protection, not only through the obvious such as sunscreen and wearing a hat or a cap. These can only protect you to a certain extend. The garments you’re wearing are the best protection. Hence a long-sleeved T-shirt 697A, which also has been tested and approved by professionals during the blistering hot summer of 2018.

The fabric in this long-sleeved T-shirt offers sun protection, expressed in a value based on a UPF rating system to communicate the level of protection. You can compare it to the SPF rating of the sun blocks and sunscreen we’re all using. SIP Protection is part of a textile group that also specializes in the production of fabrics and is an expert in technical textiles. This experience comes in handy whilst choosing the right fabric for our garments.

UPF Explained

UPF is the abbreviation of Ultraviolet Protection Factor. The number attached to it represents the performance of the fabric in protecting your skin from ultraviolet light.

An example: UPF 50 means that the garment only allows 1/50 ieth of the sun’s harmful UV radiation to pass through the fabric. That’s 2%. Consequently, the fabric blocks 98% of the sun’s radiation before it reaches your skin.

Our 697A has the highest rating of UPF garments, namely UPF 50+.

The Sio-Cool Classic Fabric

Our 697A is made of own engineered Sio-Cool Classic® fabric. It consists of multi-functional yarns. The multi-channel cross section of the polyester yarns assures a quick transport of the absorbed moisture, which makes Sio-Cool Classic® our fastest drying fabric.

Sio-Cool Classic® combines the soft touch of cotton and the cool, easy care properties of polyester to keep you fresh and dry at any time. The excellent moisture management and comfort properties ensure that perspiration does not accumulate but quickly reaches the surface where it is easily released to the surrounding air, thus the skin stays dry longer. Thanks to its inherent anti-microbial properties, Sio-Cool Classic® keeps your garments fresh by eliminating odor causing germs.

You’ll find all the info about this fabric on the website of our sister brand Sioen-ppc.

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