New EN381-7 Class 2 gloves and new look for other styles

We have added EN381-7 Class 2 chainsaw gloves to our SIP Protection gloves range , combining excellent comfort and Class 2 chainsaw protection on both hands.

In addition, all of the black and red styles are now also available in a fluorescent orange and black version The new orange colour perfectly matches our BasePro range and all black/orange and green khaki/orange garments.

The new 2XD4, your EN381-7 class 2 gloves

This new 2XD4 pair of gloves provides chainsaw protection on both hands and offers great dexterity. They are our first class 2 gloves. Thanks to its anti-skid waterproof rubber reinforcement, a high durability and grip of the chainsaw is guaranteed, even during wet weather conditions. The gloves comply with the EN 381-7 design A standard, meaning that a protection surface on the back of the hand is provided that protects the hand in the event of a chainsaw accident.

Trendy orange gloves

Our existing 2XA2, 2XD1, 2XD2 and 2XD3 were already available in red, but now you can expand your own collection with their new fluorescent orange counterparts. Their colour now perfectly fits our BasePro range that contains primarily orange/Anthracite protective garments. Of course, the gloves in the new look also complement our other products in those colours. Our Samourai chainsaw high visibility trousers, Fuyu softshell jackets and Keiu rain jackets and rain trousers can’t wait to be styled with the new gloves.

The perfect pair of gloves for you

You like the new colour but you don’t know which pair to choose? Let’s have a closer look. The 2XA2 are loggers working gloves with a mechanical resistance that complies to the EN388:2016 standard. Their impact and vibration foams in the palms enhance your comfort. The 2XD1, on the other hand, are heavy duty working gloves that comply with the same mechanical resistance standard. They are especially designed to resist heavy abrasion thanks to their Kevlar® reinforcements in the palm.

Looking for adequate protection while handling a chainsaw? Our 2XD2 and 2XD3 are both chainsaw gloves that comply with the EN381-7 class 1 design A and EN388:2016 standards. The 2XD2, however, offers chainsaw protection on both hands, while the 2XD2 are left hand protective chainsaw gloves. Both types of gloves have anti-skid waterproof rubber reinforcements, providing a high durability and very good grip in all weather conditions.

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