New products December 2023

We are excited to introduce a number of new styles.

An overview:

  • Canopy AIR-GO Donna (1SBF)
    Canopy AIR-GO chainsaw trousers that are nicely fitted to the female shape.
  • Coyote Flash (1RM1)
    Flashy leggings that comply with EN ISO 20471 class 2, offering visibility, even in twilight.
  • Roadrunner 2 (1RC2)
    Class 2 version of our popular Roadrunner chainsaw chaps.
  • Eifel (1SJV)
    Outdoor ripstop jacket that perfectly fits both our Tracker trousers and our Progress range.
  • Keiutu Flash (1TRR)
    EN ISO 20471 certified high visibility trousers that perfectly fit our Keiu HV jacket (1SMR).
  • Tundra Flash (1SWT)
    EN ISO 20471 certified high visibility version, of our popular Tundra sweater jacket (653A).

Canopy AIR-GO Donna (1SBF)

The Canopy AIR-GO Donna resembles our Canopy AIR-GO but these chainsaw trousers are especially designed for female tree climbers. They are nicely fitted to the female shape without compromising on comfort or the trousers’ airy properties. The Canopy AIR-GO Donna has 5 large ventilation areas: on the back of the legs, the crotch and on the integrated gaiters. Let the AIR GO! We don’t only use a stretch outer fabric, but also the new blocking material is stretchable, as well as the lining. Definitely your perfect fit if you are looking for comfortable, lightweight and ventilated chainsaw trousers adapted to the female shape.

Coyote Flash (1RM1)

When hungry, the coyote will chase the road runner, but will he be caught? It’s a story worth telling – not just in cartoons. Thanks to the zip closure on the back of the legs, it doesn’t take long to put your Coyote Flash leggings on. But is the Roadrunner faster? Whether you prefer chaps with buckles or leggings with a zipper, it all comes down to time – the time it takes to zip or click them over your regular trousers. The time to protect yourself. Why might the Coyote Flash be the protection you’re looking for? These flashy leggings comply with EN ISO 20471 class 2, offering visibility, even in twilight. In addition, the six layers of protection keep you safe while working and thanks to the zipper, you can easily and quickly take them off when you only need regular trousers without protection.

Roadrunner 2 (1RC2)

The Roadrunner 2 is the EN ISO 11393 class 2 version of our Roadrunner chaps. It goes without saying that they share quite some properties. They’re both easy to click and unclick them over regular trousers thanks to the buckles. They’re available in 2 sizes (M for all sizes up to XL and L for all sizes from XL upwards) that fit nearly everyone thanks to the adjustable straps at the back of the legs. The Roadrunner 2 definitely lives up to its name, as the Roadrunner bird is one of the fastest running birds on earth, which is why we use it for these chaps. In addition, that bird is believed to protect people – which these class 2 chaps obviously do.

Eifel (1SJV)

The Eifel outdoor ripstop jacket is not your average working jacket. It’s the answer to all occasions on which you need a heavy-duty working jacket. It has an extremely high wear and tear resistance thanks to the full ripstop and waterproof reinforcements on the shoulders, arms, front and back. The Eifel is EN 17353 type A certified, meaning that it offers enhanced visibility in daylight conditions. In addition, a large chest pocket, phone pocket and multiple inset pockets give you plenty of storage space. The game pocket at the back is even large enough to store a water bottle.

Keiutu Flash (1TRR)

Not a fan of getting soaking wet while doing groundwork? We aren’t either! That’s why we have the ideal solution: combining our Keiu rain jacket with our Keiutu rain trousers, which are now also available in high visibility orange. These rain trousers have a long zip closure on the sides, allowing you to easily put on or off your rain trousers. The breathable and waterproof fabric combined with the ventilation mesh assures high robustness and comfort.

Tundra Flash (1SWT)

Improve your visibility with this EN ISO 20471 class 2 version of our popular Tundra sweater vest. This comfy sweater vest with polyester fleece on the inside has reinforcements on the shoulders and elbows, practical pockets and keeps you warm. Combine it with our HV trousers for perfect visibility, or with the khaki green trousers for outdoor visibility. In short, if you’re looking for a sweater vest that is both comfortable and offers good visibility, this is your go-to style.

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