No more hangtags

SIP Protection’s sustainable efforts

SIP Protection has taken a number of steps to become a CO2 neutral company in the long term. We take sustainability seriously and we aim to fight climate change, to reduce waste and to look for alternative sources of energy, among others. We have made some major decisions in the past, but we also believe that every small step brings us closer to our goal. That is why we decided to omit the hangtags..

Our hangtags

You might be familiar with the hangtags we used to add to our garments. They provided more information about the used fabrics and materials. We will no longer add them, but this doesn’t mean the information will no longer be available. Visit the Qualities and Fabrics page and the Products page on our SIP Protection website and you will find even more information than you could ever find on the hangtags.

Fun fact

Not using hangtags means that there is no need to use the small plastic connection piece between the hangtags. Thanks to omitting the plastic connectors, 150 kg of plastic less is used each year. If you can’t really imagine how much that is: it’s about 46 km of plastic connectors when you place them next to each other.

Of course, we also save a lot of glossy paper when we no longer add hangtags.

As forestry and arboriculture outfitters we are close to nature. Let’s fight climate change and stop using redundant plastic.

Hangtags disappear gradually

We have already started producing our new garments without the hangtags. You might, however, find or buy some garments that still have hangtags. No worries. We haven’t forgotten to leave them out. It just means that that garment was produced before the decision about the hangtags was made.

Have a look at our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for more sustainable initiatives.

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