SIP Protection helps save rhinos

This probably is the first time you encounter rhinos that save rhinos. Well, let’s explain. In Task Force Rhino’s fundraising auction, you can bid on SIP Protection items that we donated. All proceeds go to anti-poaching and tracking specialists.

A special connection to Task Force Rhino

We feel a strong bond with Task Force Rhino. Not only do they take action to save our beloved rhino, the SIP Protection brand logo, they also use one of our passions to save them: climbing trees.

Task Force Rhino supports Anti-Poaching and Tracking Specialists (ATS) at the Savé Valley, Zimbabwe, which is home to over 25% of the country’s critically-endangered black rhino. To fight poaching, the ATS have adopted tree-climbing techniques to access the large baobab trees. They can serve as lookout points or safe campsites far from predators.

Thanks to this initiative, the rhino population is growing steadily.

SIP Protection items in the auction

Are you feeling the urge to bid in the auction and to save this endangered species? Items 15 and 17 were donated by SIP Protection and are definitely worth the bid.

  • Item 15: Gecko climbing trousers in burgundy red and our brand-new Tundra jacket in dragonfly blue
  • Item: 17: Tracker outdoor Ripstop trousers

Join us in our quest to save rhinos. Make your online bid here.

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