The Tibet will keep you warm


In Tibet, the weather conditions might vary a lot depending on the time of the day, meaning that there is a clear temperature difference between day and night. Temperature fluctuations can be found all over the world. Don’t let the cold surprise you while working. Keep our Tibet softshell close and never be cold again, thanks to the comfortable fleece inner layer.

Warm and breathable

You might think that such a warm jacket is probably way too hot while working intensively. Well, thanks to its breathability, perspiration is moved quickly and can evaporate in an instant. In addition, the softshell fabric is water repellent. That means that it protects you from the cold and light rain, while it remains breathable.

Orange is the new yellow

The Tibet was already available in Yellow/Red and now it can also be found in Orange/Black, which perfectly matches our BasePro range . The colour combinations enhance your visibility and can save your life. What’s more, everyone likes to have different options, especially when it comes to clothes and appearance. Who says you cannot look fashionable while working?


In case of emergency, it might be hard to be heard, especially when there is nobody in your direct surroundings. Your safety is our primary concern, as we protect through innovation. We have added a first alert arm pocket with emergency marine whistle. It complies with the EN ISO 12402-8 standard and helps you get the attention of people who are further removed from your location.

The Tibet is the perfect addition to your SIP Protection protective garments and will keep you warm at all times.

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