Welcome winter with FUYU

2 years ago, SIP Protection introduced the KEIU waterproof jacket, that has become one of the most successful rain garments in our industry.
Today we are launching the FUYU softshell jacket, staying in the philosophy of making well-thought and high-quality garments to meet your requirements. The 3-ply fabric of the FUYU softshell jacket offers a perfect balance between weather resistance, breathability, and comfort.

Fuyu = winter

Fuyu is the Japanese word for ''winter''. A great name we thought to give to our brand-new mid-season or cold weather softshell. The 1SWS FUYU is a highly technical EN ISO 14058 certified softshell, providing you with the highest possible comfort, technicity and durability. The softshell has been designed for both foresters and arborists. Wear it in chilly or cold weather that may come with the additional drizzle or sleet. Our FUYU is one of the best softshells on the market because it’s uniting solid performance, quality materials, high-end manufacture and a great fit. The FUYU isn’t a thick, fluffy softshell with fleece lining, but a very thin construction instead, giving the FUYU softshell its versatility. The durable outer fabric can withstand a day at work easily, it also breathes well and allows enough air in and out to keep you cool. The clean cut finishes your look.

Unequalled features

The basic idea of our FUYU design is to offer you comfort all day long.

  • The waterproof and breathable 3-ply fabric offers the wearer the highest possible comfort without the clammy feeling you fear most.
  • The reinforced Tektor shoulders provide an extra resistance.
  • The collar is designed for the best ergonomics.
  • The sheer number of pockets assure you will always find the right place to store your precious items.
  • The sleeves can be removed when wanted or needed.
  • The back is long enough to allow comfortable working in a harness or during forestry work.

The FUYU is available in 3 colour combinations: high-vis orange combined with black, high-vis yellow and red or in plain black.

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