KWF Certification

KWF certification

The KWF is the competence centre for forestry work, forestry technology and wood logistics in Germany and Europe and provides advice to all key players in the forestry, wood and bio-energy sectors.


“The German Center for Forest Work and Technology (KWF) is a registered non-profit association and is supported by more than 2000 members. The KWF is the competence centre for forestry work, forestry technology and wood logistics in Germany and Europe and provides advice to all key players in the forestry, wood and bio-energy sectors. It is available as an interlocutor to everybody. As a transnational non-profit organization, the KWF focuses on all major tasks for securing the future, avoiding accidents and protecting the environment in a precautionary way. This makes the KWF exemplary for a joint, efficient and future-oriented execution of tasks by the German Federal Government and the Federal States.

The KWF is the only organisation that examines and certifies forestry technology, tools, supplies and protection equipment at the national and transnational level. In doing so, the KWF grants the coveted trade-in value mark, the KWF test mark, but also the DPLF (German Test Center for Agricultural and Forestry Machinery) mark and the GS (Tested Safety) mark. Furthermore, the KWF fulfills a cross-sectional function bridging the worlds of research, practice and industry for the areas of forestry, wood and bio-energy. In these areas, the association is also available as a project partner.

SIP Protection's collaboration with KWF

In accordance with the activities of SIP Protection (being the Forestry and Arboricultural Outfitters), we have a good collaboration with KWF on different levels.

  1. KWF’s daughter DPLF is an accredited Notified Body to certify Chainsaw Protective PPE.
    KWF performs cut-tests, and other required test according to EN ISO 11393, and KWF issues the EU type examination certificates for this PPE.

  2. KWF helps us with our quality assurance assessment.
    Following the regulation 2016/425, chainsaw protective PPE is an item of risk category III.
    Sioen/SIP Protection has chosen for a quality assurance based on the production process – module D. We arrange on our test rig quality checks, but we send regulary stockitems (jacket/trousers) to KWF to have a comparable check.

  3. KWF awards the KWF quality mark.
    In simple words, EN ISO 11393 gives you an answer regarding the safety of your chainsaw garment,
    an FPA approval gives you a good indication about comfort and the lifetime quality of your garment, based upon a full year wearing test in 12 different locations, by professional users.

There exist 3 different types of KWF quality mark related to chainsaw protective garments;


Technical tools for forestry, which have been thoroughly tested by the KWF, are distinguished with the “KWF-PROFI” signature. They comply to all requirements of current technical standards, particularly economic, security, ergonomic and ecological standards. The tests include technical measurements, practical tests in forestry and enquiries about the application of the tools. In case of positive results, the competent test committee decides on the “FPA approved” and, if necessary, on the obligation of further improvements.

The new test approval sign will replace the previous sign “KWF-Gebrauchswert” and the older FPA sign (technical forestry test committee of the KWF), which has been the emblem for approved forestry techniques for over 50 years. The new sign is identical in content, but at the same time it refers to the competent test authority by means of the KWF logo. Look for this logo for products already certified.

Our Samourai chainsaw trousers 1SRL and matching jacket are an example of KWF-Profi labelled products.


The newly introduced KWF sign carries the name “standard”. All the test objects, PROFI as well as STANDARD, go through a series of use value tests (practice tests). All safety aspects must under any given circumstance be fulfilled in order to achieve one of the two KWF approvals. The KWF approval “standard” is especially applicable to products of the highest expectations being used in professional logging applications. It can be obtained, according to the product group, based on used materials, wearing comfort, weight and similar criteria.

For most product groups, these criteria are fixed. They are constantly adapted according to the latest technologies. Thanks to the new label “KWF-standard”, the occasional user – for instance a person who cuts firewood – can with proven certainty rely on a satisfying product, within the limits of his budget.

Our Flex trousers 1XSP are an example of KWF-Standard labelled products.


With the label “KWF-test” products are selected that have been successfully tested for specific properties for instance measuring equipment for crane harvesters, function for tire pressure controllers etc… For forestry clothing this would be a specific characteristic such as “high wearing comfort” The KWF-test label is a sign of approval of the tested characteristics. The 1SSP outdoor trousers are an example of a KWF-test labelled product.