Happy New Year!

We wish all of you a happy and healthy 2019. And so do 7 billion other people on this planet. Exchanging wishes is probably one of the most important traditions with a long history, all over the world. The end of the year period, including the winter holidays, bring some of the most important and warm moments of the year. We wholeheartedly wish this warmth, health and wellbeing for you and all your beloved ones.

For 2019, you can continue to count on SIP Protection for being the most reliable in the field:

  • Offering the best protection
  • With the best quality garments
  • The most durable (SIP Protection garments often last more than 2 times longer than others)
  • And of course, the most sympathetic team and their professional advice

We’re not in the habit of saying this about ourselves, but at the end of the year we always feel a bit bolder. Maybe it is the warmth of the fireplace, or maybe it is the convivial atmosphere under the pine trees. It might also be because of the Christmas chants or maybe it is just the effect of the excellent “Glühwein” we nip. Anyway, we feel pride to be SIP Protection. Hope you feel that too?

In 2018, we’ve been launching some great new products. For many years now, you have chosen our quality garments for all your activities. In 2018, we’ve extended our ranges with some products you daily need and wear, but that were not part of our collection yet. The great “Tibet” softshell for instance, a windproof, water-repellent and breathable jacket that can heat any user. Or what about the “Atlas” outdoor carry bag? A sturdy, practical outdoor bag in which you can store all your belongings. Find out more products and news on our attractive website, offering all info in 4 languages.

Looking forward to 2019, we’re very excited to be able to launch plenty of new products. As sneak preview we can already tell you that we will add a longsleeves T-shirt, a great softshell and some other great outdoor garments. In addition, you’ll hear a lot about our new BasePro range. A range of chainsaw protection in a new lightweight (210 g) fabric, with a new 6 layers blocking material, with a new colour-sheme and a great new design.

And finally, don’t you want, just like all of us, to make this world a better place? We do! We are really convinced that by being the best we can and doing the best we can, we can make the difference. That’s why our company continuously chooses to invest in durable products, global projects such as Trees are Good.

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