SIP Protection at Demo Forest 2019

Home is where the heart is. Elvis Presley sang it in 1962 and it is still as true as ever. Our heart is with the forestry and arboriculture and wherever that is, we are too. On July 30th and 31st, this will be in Bertrix, Belgium. Our homeland.

Demo Forest is a spectacular fair for forestry specialists. Exactly what we are. On a terrain of 120 ha in Betrix in the Belgian Ardennes, there will be plenty of demonstrations in real conditions. The organisation has put a trail of 4,5 kilometer in place, where exhibitors will showcase their capabilities, conferences will be held and 3 international championships (logging, skidding, arborist- climber) organised.

We will be part of this. As a producer of PPE (personal Protection Equipment), specialized in chainsaw protective clothing and garments for forestry and arboriculture, we’re a proud co-exhibitor with our local distributor Pauly Andrianne.

Bertrix is in our backyard. Kinda. Our headquarters are situated in Ardooie, Flanders, some 200 km to the north of Bertrix.

Our stands are renowned for their Belgian hospitality. At Demo Forest this will be no different. With cosy couches in the famous SIP Protection bar, carving demonstrations, logging competition showcases and the most enthusiastic and dedicated sales team in the business, we’re sure you’ll find all the professional advice about the protective garments you need.

SIP Protection is a full-service provider, offering head-to-toe solutions: Trousers, jackets, footwear, gloves and accessories, we’re the ultimate forestry and agricultural outfitters.

  • Why? Because we relieve you from worrying about your safety and we bring you comfort. Our range includes chainsaw protection and climbing pants and jackets with an unrivalled range of motion. Just what you need during a hard day at the office.

  • How? We know you. We know technical textiles and we know manufacturing of garments. As part of a textile specialist group that produces yarns, fabrics and garments, we’ve made protection our business. Every year, we design, innovate, manufacture and distribute 3,3 million lifesaving garments.

  • Lifesaving and sustainable: you’re working in nature, for nature and so do we. We’re constantly creating durable garments with a longer lifespan, which contributes indirectly to a sustainable world. Learn everything about our brand at Demo Forest.

You can find us in Zone FOR | 126

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