Meet our team

SIP Protection, that is you. You are the reason we exist. Your needs and requirements on all levels of what you daily wear are carefully taken into consideration by our team. That team consists of experts: technicians, designers and manufacturers. In this section, you’ll meet only 7 of them. Know that behind them there is a team of more than 2 000 people, who make sure that your garment is the perfect one.

Team members

Paul Verhelst
Business Development Manager

I carry SIP Protection in my heart. And I’m not the only one. Everyone who contributes to the creation of your trousers and jackets breathes SIP Protection. But this really means everyone. From sales manager to designer, to technical drawer, to assistant, to stand contractor, to researcher and developer. We wake up and go to bed with SIP Protection.

Your world is ours. Not just from our drawing board. No. We are constantly with you. We talk to you. Now and then we even do your job. Just to know how it feels to work with SIP Protection garments. We listen to your feedback.

At SIP Protection we all want you to get the best garment. Technically perfect. A garment that fits you. In other words: ergonomic fitting. But what we really mean is that you feel good with it. Every day again. That’s the most important.

Elisa Debourse
Product management assistant

Product Management assistant, devil do all. That’s me! Follow up of the internal product flow, from design to end customer. I am the backbone of our sales, assisting the team with info about availability, delivery time, quotations, order taking and many more.

Although my work is indoors, I am an outdoor girl, loving life in all its facets. I absolutely benefit from my weekly Yoga lessons, staying calm and zen in any circumstance. Cooking and baking are my other hobbies. I find it very relaxing, and I make people happy with it. Isn’t that what we are living for? To make other people and ourselves happy people. I am a free spirit, hands-on in everything I do. At SIP Protection I’ve found a good work-life balance. My skills of event manager (that’s what I’ve studied) often come in handy, handling the SIP Protection swirls Laurent, Sam and Paul. Their enthusiasm is contagious.

Jeroen Verscheure
Laboratory operator

I’m the guy who tests your gear. The own testing rig for chainsaw protective clothing is really my thing. I love to perform this (and other) test on the garments. To see the results always makes me proud to be part of the SIP Protection team. You can read more about the testing rig in the R&D section, among others.

As a music and sports fanatic, I am a practical handyman, relying on my education and on my experience. In my job, it is important to do the tests meticulously, according to the prescriptions of the norms. I test a lot of garments for many applications. Our own material and also garments from others. SIP Protection garments are reliable, that’s a fact. At that testing rig, I realise every day how important it is to choose the right garments.

Sam Devriendt
Sales manager

I’m sales manager for two of the greatest regions: DACH and Italy. As one of the youngest SIP Protection members I provide a fun atmosphere in the office. Together with the team, we try to strengthen our market presence and business development in the region. It is our goal to provide quality but also fashionable clothing to the customer.

I am no stranger to the textile industry and lived and worked in Germany for several years. Through my stay in Germany I have found a real love in the German lifestyle. Perhaps we can have a nice German beer together around the SIP Protection table soon?

I lost my heart to the outdoors, so it’s great to have a link with it in both my job and in my spare time. Travelling around as a fervent fisherman and mountain biker brings me to fantastic places, just like my job does.

Laurent Mas
Sales manager

I’m Sales Manager for France and the Netherlands. I get to enjoy French wine and Dutch Cheese, the perfect match. In France, I’m supporting our SIP Protection representatives. We strongly believe in the next generation, which is why working with schools is an important part of my job.

As a keen user of the SIP Protection garments - even before I started working here - I can say I am probably the biggest fan of our products. Even in my spare time, it’s all about chainsaws, (which definitely is a good thing).

If the gardening doesn’t knock me out, the boxing might. I go boxing three times a week to blow off steam and I cook the craziest dishes.

Goele Vanspranghe
Product developer

I am Product Developer at SIP Protection. What started as a passion became a career I fully enjoy. My training in fashion technology and theatre costumes comes in handy. You might call me a SIP-fashionista.

Why I love my job? It’s more than a job, it’s a passion. The challenge of combining design and protection with the entire process of creating a garment. Mix it with teamwork, and you get the perfect job.

Protection, design, functionality and fitting are the main aspects of creating SIP Protection garments. It’s great to think that we have the power of protecting people while they are doing their jobs, while enjoying their hobbies, etc.

We meticulously go through a certain process before actually producing the garments. After designing on Sketch, we check several prototypes on fitting, functionality and design. I guess you and I can agree that your trousers need to be perfect, don’t they? Teamwork makes the dream work, and we know that it’s more than a dream, it’s reality. That’s how we optimise our garments on a daily basis.

Christa Algoet
R&D assistant

R&D assistant, what’s in a name? For me, my main target is to ensure a maximal protection for our wearers, based on strict guidelines and standards. Our forestry clothing protects. It is a motto, a vision.

Together with the SIP Protection designers I closely follow the applicable guidelines (Norms and Standards) and ensure correct implementation in our protective clothing. After thorough in-house testing we only select the very best products to proceed to the “next round”: certification. The continuation of that process is also in my hands.

My job keeps on being fascinating and challenging as technology changes daily. New materials regularly appear on the market and their applicability must be examined. We evaluate Standards in order to better protect the user.

When I am not busy looking for the best-performing materials for our garments, you can find me in my favourite place at home: the kitchen. I love making the best-tasting dishes, as cooking is one of my biggest hobbies.